September 2020 Release Notes

New Release Updates - 9/19/2020

The Anytime Pediatrics development team is scheduled to release the following new features to the Anytime Pediatrics platform this Saturday, September 19th.

Instant Invite

  • Our new Instant Invite feature will let you instantly invite a patient to join a telemedicine visit on the Anytime Pediatrics Platform and the Anytime Clinician Application. This new feature will allow a Clinician to send the patient a link via email or text message to have them quickly join the waiting room. The message will allow the patient to continue with the virtual visit on the Anytime Pediatrics App or their device’s web browser.

  • We have made two new resource guides that provide detailed instructions on how to successfully use this exciting addition to the Anytime Pediatrics platform!

Instant Invite - Web Browser

Instant Invite - Clinician App

  • For those practices who use our credit card feature, please note that Instant Invite visits currently do not have credit card capability.  This means that credit card collection/billing for Instant Invite visits must be done internally by the practice after the visit.

Today’s Visits

  • On your homepage, you will now be able to click on Today’s Visits to get a list of your telemedicine visit history for that day. This includes all completed, invalid, and canceled telemedicine visits. You can click on Visit Details to add clinical notes and see the visit specifications.  

CSV file upload

  • CSV files can now be uploaded for parent and patient registration. If you are interested in using this feature, please reach out to your customer success manager for more details!  

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