Clinician App Guide

Clinician App Guide

  • The Anytime Clinician App can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet from the App store

  • Once you download the App, you can use your current Anytime Pediatrics login information to access your account.

  • When you log in you are taken to your account page where you can easily adjust your settings and test your audio and video connection.
    • Click on the show all button to access your settings.
  • Click on Test Audio and Video at the bottom of your screen to check your Microphone and Camera before you have a telemedicine visit on the App.

Waiting Room

  • Click on the Waiting Room Icon at the bottom of your screen to access your virtual waiting room.

  • From this page you will be able to:
    • See patients in the waiting room
    • Begin telemedicine appointments
    • Access the Today's Visits page to view all upcoming, completed, or invalid visits for the day.
    • Make an outbound phone call

  • To start a virtual visit with a patient, click on their name from the waiting room.

  • Once you select the patient, you will be able to view the visit details and images that the patient has uploaded.

  • To begin the video visit with your patient, select the start button at the bottom of the screen.
    • You will have the option to chat with your patient by clicking on the chat tab at the top left of the screen.

  • Click on Video to initiate the virtual visit
    • Select the start video button to begin the telemedicine visit with your patient.

  • Once you have finished the virtual visit, you will be able to add additional notes to the visit summary and mark the visit as complete or invalid.


  • Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of your screen to access your appointment page.

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