Instant Invite-Clinician App

How to use the Instant Invite feature on the Anytime Clinician App 


  • Log in to the Anytime Clinician Application on your smartphone or tablet. 


  • Click on the Calendar icon on the bottom of your screen to go to your appointment page.

  • Click on Instant Invite

  • Search for the patient that you would like to send an instant invite to.

    • If you can not find the patient you are looking for, you can click on add new patient to add them to your practice. Once you add them, you can send the instant invite immediately. 

  • Once you have located the correct patient, select their name to send them an invitation to join you for a telemedicine visit.

  • When you select a patient, you will be prompted to send them an instant invite by email, text message, or both. 

  • If you notice that the phone number or email address is incorrect, and you need to make changes to the patient’s information before you send them the invitation, click on Edit.

  • Once the patient receives the invitation by email or text message, they will be prompted to simply click on a link that will take them to your waiting room after they answer a series of questions. 

  • When your patient arrives, you can click on their name from your waiting room to begin the virtual visit with your patient.

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