Virtual Front Desk

Front Desk Virtual Check In

Follow the instructions below to mimic an in-person visit on the Anytime Pediatrics platform. 

If Front Desk Mode is disabled, your practice will not be able to use this feature.

  • Click on the visit from the waiting room

  • Begin the virtual check-in process by clicking on steps 1 - 3 at the top of the screen. 

  • Step 1 will allow the practice user to review the visit details.

  • Step 2 will initiate the chat feature which will allow the Front Desk staff to chat with the patient through the telemedicine screen.

  • Step 3 will initiate the front desk virtual video check-in with the patient.

  • Use the arrow on the right-hand side to access the visit information, take notes, and view images that the patient has uploaded.

  • Once you have completed the check-in process with the patient, select route visit from the telemedicine screen to send the patient to their clinician who will be conducting the telemedicine visit.

  • Select the Clinician’s name that you will be routing the patient to. On this screen you can also include routing notes for the Clinician to review. Click Route Patient to send the patient to the Clinician’s waiting room.

  • Once the visit has been routed to the Clinician, they will be able to click on the patient from their waiting room to complete the telemedicine visit.

  • The Clinician can route the patient back to the front desk after the telemedicine visit to schedule a follow-up appointment.

  • Select the patient and click on step three to initiate the virtual visit. Once you have completed the encounter with the patient, select complete and end visit. 

  • This will end the virtual visit with the patient, and assign the visit back to the Clinician who will complete the visit and remove the patient from the waiting room.

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