How to Add a New Patient to Your Practice

How to Add a New Patient to Your Practice

There are two ways to add a patient to your practice.

Patient Tab

  • When a practice creates the patient’s account,   it will automatically register their profile to your practice.
  • Click on the patient tab at the top of your screen, and select patient
  • Select "Add New Patient"
  • Enter the patient's information and click "Create Patient Record"

    • The patient will then receive an email in their inbox with instructions on how to set up their password.

    • The practice can proceed to schedule appointments with the patient as well as edit their information.

Instant Invite

  • Click on Instant Invite from your homepage
  • Click Add New Patient
  • Fill out the patient's information and select Create Patient Record and Send Invite
  • Your patient will receive a message letting them know their account has been created. The patient will be added to your practice.
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