Clinician Waiting Room Messenger

Clinician Waiting Room Messenger

  • All Clinicians have a messaging feature that allows them to communicate with their patients in the waiting room who are currently waiting for the Clinician to begin their telemedicine visit. This feature is called the Clinician waiting room messenger.

  • The Clinician can message patients in the waiting room by clicking on “waiting room” that is located on their telemedicine visit screen. 

  • The patient from the waiting room will not be able to chat back and forth with the Clinician, but the Clinician will be able to send them messages.

  • Once the Clinician selects the waiting room, the Clinician will be able to see the patients that are currently in the waiting room, along with the time that shows how long the patient has been waiting.

  • The Clinician will need to select the patient they would like to speak with from the waiting room. Once the patient has been selected, the Clinician will have the option to send an automatic message or write their own message to the patient.

  • The waiting room messenger will only appear if you have a patient in your waiting room. If the waiting room is empty, the waiting room messenger will not appear during the telemedicine visit.

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