New Patient Registration - Web Platform

New Patient Registration

Web Platform

  • Go to the Anytime Pediatrics platform using a Google Chrome web browser.

  • Click on New User

  • Provide an email address or phone number, and create a password to make your account

  • Agree to the Warning, and the Terms Of Service to proceed.

  • Next, enter the parent, guardian, or the adult patient information in the required fields and click next.

  • Add your pediatrician’s practice code to register with the practice

  • Add your insurance information. If you wish to bypass this screen, click “I do not have insurance or I wish not to use it.”

    • You can add insurance information at any time once your account is created.

  • Add the child’s information to your account. You will need to click, “I attest that I have legal authority to seek care for this patient.” to proceed.

  • Once the account is created, your practice can schedule appointments and send instant invitations to join the virtual waiting room for a telemedicine visit.

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