How to View Clinical Notes & Images from Previous Visits

How to view clinical notes from previous visits

1.   From home screen click on “Patient” and scroll down to “Visits” as reflected in screenshot below.

2. On the Visit History page you will be able to search for a specific visit, or adjust your filters to view the encounters you are looking for.

3. Once you find the visit you are looking for, select the VIEW button to review the visit details.

3. For every Anytime telemedicine visit you will be able to access:

  • Clinical and Admin notes
  • Download or review files and images that were shared during the encounter
    • If the patient or the provider did not share files or images this button will not appear on the visit summary
  • Download the entire visit summary into a PDF document
  • Download the chat history
  • Copy the visit details to the clipboard
  • Mark the visit as checked to indicate the encounter has been reviewed
    • The NEW symbol next to the visit will be removed when the visit has been reviewed and the encounter has been marked as checked

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