Notifications and Routing with Front Desk Mode

Notifications and Routing


  • Practice is in Front Desk mode:

    •   Scheduled and On Demand visits go to the virtual waiting room of the admin only (superusers are admins)

    • On Demand

      • visits stay in the waiting room until the visit is routed

        • Route to all –

          • All toggled on clinicians receive a notification 

          • Any of those clinicians can take the virtual visit

        • Route to 1 clinician

          • Only this clinician receives a notification

          • Only this clinician can have the virtual visit

          • All clinicians can still see the patient in the waiting

    • Scheduled Visit

      • visits stay in the waiting room until the visit is routed to the clinician  

      • The visit can be routed to a different clinician if they are toggled available.  It can also be routed to all if needed   

      • The clinician who it is routed to will receive a notification

  • Practice is not in Front Desk mode

    • On Demand-

      • A clinician must be toggled available for an On Demand visit to be available. The hours must be set to open.

      • Patient request a visit

      • All available clinicians (toggled on) receive a notification

    • Scheduled visit

      •  The clinician gets a notification even if they are not toggled on.

      • On demand hours do not need to be set to open

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