Prenatal Workflow

Prenatal Workflow

Follow the workflow below to provide prenatal pediatric care using the Anytime Pediatrics platform.

  • Log in to the Anytime Pediatrics platform using a Google Chrome web browser.

  • Click on the patient tab at the top of your screen, and select patient.

  • Select Add New Patient

  • Fill out the required patient fields with the expecting mother’s information

  • The parent will receive an email notification letting them know their account was recently created. They will be able to create their password and log in to their new account from this email.

  • When scheduling prenatal visits, you can now select Prenatal Visit from the Reason For Visit drop-down list.

  • Update the patient’s profile once the baby is born with the newborn’s name and DOB by clicking on edit patient.

    • The parent will remain the account holder.


  • The prenatal visit history will still be accessible from the patient’s profile by scrolling to the bottom of their patient profile under Previous Visits.

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