Accelerated Instant Invite

Accelerated Instant Invite

What is Accelerated Instant Invite?

  •  An Accelerated Instant Invite would just require the invite code for the patient to proceed to your waiting room.
  • The default entry for an instant invite is for the patient to enter their instant invite code, year of birth, and last name.

How do you send an Accelerated Instant Invite?

  • Your practice users will still follow the same workflow for sending an Instant Invite and can provide the patients 6 digit Active Invite Code to them so they can accelerate their arrival in your virtual waiting room.

What is an Active Invite Code?

  • Each instant invite visit will now have a visible active invite code attached to that visit that you will see once you send the instant invite.
    • You can also click Generate an Invite Code from the Instant Invite pop-up to provide an Active Invite Code to the patient without sending the Instant Invite Message.
  • The same invite code will be in the message sent to your patients via text or email. 
  • Active Invites Codes are also visible to your staff, so if your patient ever calls looking for their instant invite code you 
  • Invite codes are available for one hour and can only be used to complete one visit. 
  • Codes cannot be shared across practices. 

How to locate Active Invite Codes

Your practice users can view active invite codes in any location that you can send an Instant Invite.

  • Instant Invite tab from your homepage
    • In the Instant Invite tab, you can also filter all active Invite codes from the search bar to populate all active Instant Invite Codes.
  • Today’s Visits
  • The Patient’s Profile Page  

Patient Perspective

Patients that belong to a practice who participates in Accelerated Instant Invite will only need to enter their invite code at the login page by following the steps below:

  • Go to the web platform or open the Anytime App on your device 
  • Select the Click here if you have an Invite Code button below the log in fields
  • Enter the 6 digit Invite Code

  • Enable access to your camera and microphone
  • Upload any photos you would like to share with your Pediatrician
  • Click Continue To Visit to enter the Virtual Waiting Room

In order to enable this feature your practice MUST contact our support team or fill out this form.

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