How to Schedule an Appointment



By scheduling an appointment for the patient directly on the platform, the patient will receive an email letting them know that a telemedicine appointment was scheduled for them with your practice.

There are two ways to schedule appointments on the Anytime Pediatrics platform.

Follow the steps below to schedule an appointment directly from the patient’s profile on the platform.


  • Once logged in you will see your dashboard (as seen below). Click the Patient drop down and click on “Patient”.

  • Search for the patient by entering their information into the search fields and clicking on the search button.

  • When the correct patient is found click on their name. This will open their profile.

  • Once you have confirmed that this is the correct patient you would like to schedule an appointment for, click “Schedule Appointment” under the General Action field to the right of screen.

  • Fill out the following fields: Reason for visit, Clinician, Date and Time.

  • When you click save, the parent will receive an email that says they have an appointment with the doctor on whatever date and time is chosen.

  • Once the patient starts the visit, they will appear in the waiting room. All admins and Clinicians in your practice will see the patient in the waiting room. 

  • Although the appointment is scheduled for a specific clinician, all users in your practice will have the option to route the visit to a different clinician in your practice.

NOTE: If you go to search for a patient (step 2) to schedule an appointment for your patient and they are not listed in your practice. You may click “Add account” and fill out the required information to set up a patient account. Once this information is filled out, the patient’s profile will be created, and  you will be able to schedule an appointment.

The second way to schedule an appointment in Anytime Pediatrics is through the appointment page.

  •  Click on the Practice Admin tab at the top of the screen.

  • Search for the patient in the search bar on the right hand side

  • Once you have located the correct patient, click on the calendar icon to the right of the patient’s demographics to schedule an appointment.

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