Instant Invite

Instant Invite

  • To begin using the Instant Invite feature, begin by selecting Instant Invite which will appear on your homepage.

  • Use the search bar to select the patient you would like to send an instant invite to.

  • Once you have selected the patient, you will be able to send them an Instant Invite by Email, Text Message, or Both.

  • The patient will click the link they receive and will be redirected to the Anytime Pediatrics App on their mobile device, or a web browser if the App is not installed.

  • The patient will then be prompted to input their 6 digit security code and the patient’s date of birth.

  • The user must identify themselves as the account holder or the patient to proceed to the next screen

  • The next screen will require the user to enable their camera and microphone for their telemedicine visit

  • Once the camera and microphone are enabled, the patient will need to select agree and continue to enter the waiting room.

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