Accelerated Instant Invite -vs- Instant Invite

Instant Invite and Accelerated Instant Invite

Instant Invite is the easiest way to get your patients into your telemedicine waiting room on our telemedicine platform. Anytime Pediatrics has recently added a new feature to make Instant Invite even easier for your patients. This new feature is called Accelerated Instant Invite.

The workflow for sending an Instant Invite will be the same, even if your practice has Accelerated Instant Invite enabled. The only difference is how easily your patients will get into the waiting room once they receive their Instant Invite, as shown below.

Patient Perspective for Instant Invite

  • The default entry for Instant Invite requires the patient to enter their instant invite code, year of birth and last name. 

Patient Perspective for Accelerated Instant Invite

  • If your practice has the Accelerated Instant Invite feature enabled, the patient will only need to verify their Active Invite Code.

Does Accelerated Instant Invite sound like the best workflow for your patients? If so, make sure your practice contacts our support team or fills out this form to enable this feature for your practice.

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