March 2021

Mimic In-Person Visit Workflow // Front Desk Mode Now with Video 

Please note some of these features will appear differently for those not using front desk mode. For the most part, please enable front desk mode to mimic the in-person workflow. To enable front desk mode, go to organization → practice→ click on your practice name→ check front desk mode. 

Front Desk After Visit

Feature: Clinicians can now complete a visit and send their patients back to the front desk.

Front Desk Mode Enabled: Front Desk Mode must be enabled to use this feature. Clinicians will need to click the final step, “complete visit,” once they have routed the visit to the front desk to remove that visit from their waiting room and end their visit with the patient. 

Front Desk Mode Disabled: Clinicians will not have the ability to route the visit back to the front desk. Clinicians should proceed as normal at the end of the patient visit. 

Intended uses: scheduling, billing, information gathering

Admin Video (for Scheduled and On Demand visits)

Feature: Admin now has the option to open a video conference with the patient prior to sending the patient to the clinician.  

Front Desk Mode Enabled: This must be enabled to use this feature and the admin must be able to enable a video and microphone on their device. If they do not have this capability on their computer, the admin will not be able to click on “step 3” to begin video. The admin should route the visit to the clinician once they are ready. 

Front Desk Mode Disabled: Admins do not have patient interaction at the time of the visit so this feature will not be available. 

Intended uses: collect information, test audio, and video connection, build rapport

Waiting Room Colors

Feature: In the waiting room, each Patient Info Card will be outlined in a different color to signify where the patient is in their visit journey:

Front Desk Mode Enabled: 

Yellow: Patient has arrived to the front desk

Orange: Patient is interacting with a practice user

Blue: Patient has entered the clinician waiting room

Green: Patient is in the visit with a clinician

Red: Patient has completed visit and or has returned to the front desk

Front Desk Mode Disabled: 

Yellow: Patient has arrived in the clinician waiting room 

Blue: routed to another clinician 

Green: Patient is in the visit with a clinician

Red: Patient has completed visit 

Patient Waiting Room Ordered by Color

Feature: Patients in the waiting room will be ordered from top to bottom by color and time of arrival. Patients that arrive first will appear at the top of each color section.

Front Desk Mode Enabled: This feature will occur in both the practice-wide waiting room and the clinician's waiting room. 

Front Desk Mode Disabled: This feature will occur in the clinician's waiting room. 

Patient Journey Breadcrumbs

Feature: Each practice user who interacts with the patient will be listed in the Patient Info Card. By hovering or clicking on each name, you can see any routing notes that the person included within their interaction.

Front Desk Mode Enabled: This feature will show everyone (both admins and clinicians) the patient has interacted with as well as the routing notes. 

Front Desk Mode Disabled: You will only see the breadcrumbs if the patient was routed to another clinician. 

Nurse Notes

Users can now enter Nurse Notes into the visit summary.

Link to Spanish Guide in Email Notifications

We now include a link to the Spanish User Guide for Anytime Pediatrics in our patient reminder emails. 

Improved Response Time for Patient Record Requests

Our support team is now equipped to process patient record deletions within 48 hours.

We have added an additional layer of security when you would like to send patient information over email to support or your Customer Success Manager. When communicating about a patient, please send us the Patient ID number located at the top of the patient record when referring to the patient. 

Bug fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug that prevented some users from joining 3rd party invites from a mobile device.

Improved user experience for 3-digit practice code entry.

Bug fixes and improved user experience across patient apps and devices.

Database improvements for faster response times and smoother user experience.

Common Questions: 

Not all of my admin users have a webcam. What happens when they cannot enable that in their browser? 

These admins users will see the below error when clicking “begin visit.” The admin should begin the text chat with the patient as before and then click  “route visit” when the patient is ready to go to the clinician. 

I do not want to change my workflow. How can I remove the video ability for my admins?

Please email to remove video access for your admin users. Please note that this permission is either applied to all admins users or no admin users. 

As a clinician, I am still seeing a patient in my waiting room after I completed the visit and routed it back to the front desk. 

Clinicians will need to click the final step, “complete visit,” once they have routed the visit to the front desk to remove that visit from their waiting room and end their visit with the patient. 

What happens to the length of the visit on the visit summary if the admin does a video check in? 

The timestamps on the length of visit will remain the same. This begins when the clinician begins their video visit and ends their video visit. The admin video check in is not included in this number. 

We do not want to use a color coded system for our waiting room. How can I remove these colors?

Please email to remove the colors from the waiting room. 

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