August 2020 Release Notes

New Release Updates - 8/21/2020

The Anytime Pediatrics development team is scheduled to release the following new features to the Anytime Pediatrics platform this Friday, August 21.

  • Users will have the option to use Face ID and Touch ID to open the Patient Application and the Clinician Application on their device. 

  • Parents will be able to easily upload a picture of their insurance card during the registration process.

    • The image will include the front and back of the patient’s insurance card.

    • This image can be accessed from the patient’s profile page.

    • The patient can edit this image at any time after it has been uploaded.

  • Parents will be permitted to use the Flashlight on their iOS and Android devices during the telemedicine visit.

    • Patients will have a lightning icon that will appear at the bottom of their telemedicine screen. When they click on that icon, they will activate their flashlight so the doctor can see the image more clearly under a bright light.

  • The Children tab has been renamed with Patient across the Anytime Pediatrics Web application.

    • This change has been made to reflect adult patients that use the Anytime Pediatrics Application.

  • Third-Party support for Android and iOS devices

    • When a third party joins the telemedicine visit, the patient can see all three screens on their Android or iOS devices, as well as the internet stability for each user.

  • Users will have the ability to test the microphone and camera on their device before they begin the telemedicine visit with their Clinician.

  • Clinicians will have a new messaging feature that will allow them to communicate with their patients in the waiting room who are currently waiting for the Clinician to begin their telemedicine visit.

    • The Clinician can message patients in the waiting room by clicking on “waiting room” that is located on their telemedicine visit screen. 

  • The patient from the waiting room will not be able to chat back and forth with the Clinician, but the Clinician will be able to send them messages.
  • Once the Clinician selects the waiting room, the Clinician will be able to see the patients that are currently in the waiting room, along with the time that shows how long the patient has been waiting.

  • The Clinician will need to select the patient they would like to speak with from the waiting room. Once the patient has been selected, the Clinician will have the option to send an automatic response or write their own message to the patient.

  • Please join us on August 21st for our Friday Q+A where we will be demonstrating these exciting new features on the Anytime Pediatrics platform. Our support team will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you there!

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