Triage Scope of Practice

SCOPE: Triage nurse, Registered Nurse, RN


Anytime Pediatrics scope of practice for Telephone Triage is defined by the board of nursing in the state from which the patient is calling. Telephone Triage is an essential element of patient care delivery. It is designed primarily to offer care advice and to facilitate access to care in the most appropriate setting based upon patient/client’s reported symptoms.


  • Application of nursing practice with focus on telephonic interview assessment to understand, prioritize and refer caller to appropriate level of care.
  • The telephonic triage nurse maintains accountability for application of nursing process, utilization of decision support tools/protocols, and use of sound professional judgment in clinical decision making.
  • Telephone Triage is an independent and interdependent nursing activity performed by a Registered Nurse.


Telephone Triage: An interactive process between the nurse and client that occurs the telephone and involves identifying the nature and urgency of client needs and determining the appropriate disposition.

Nursing Practice Standards: Authoritative statements that describe a level of care of performance common to the profession of nursing by which the quality of nursing practice can be judged. Standards of clinical nursing practice include both standards of care and standards of professional practice.

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