Triage Call Interface

SCOPE: Triage Nurse 

PURPOSE: Accuracy of information obtained during a telephonic interaction, telephonic triage, use of decision support tools and recommended disposition is reliant upon the ability of staff and the caller to clearly hear one another during the interaction.

Telephonic triage is a voluntary service and does not restrict a caller’s ability to seek care on own behalf.


  1. In the event the triage nurse is not able to clearly hear what is being spoken by the caller due to background noise or technological interference; the triage nurse will promptly identify the issue with the caller.

If the caller is unable to correct, the triage nurse will:

  • Explain the issue has not resolved and request to end the call and have the caller call nurse triage back.
  • In the event the caller identifies an issue that impedes communication; the triage specialist will:
    • Request to end the call and promptly place a return call to the client if contact information has been obtained or request caller places call back.
  1. In the event communication continues to be impeded due to background noise or technological interference; the call will be ended by the triage nurse.
  2. Technological issues should be reported to applicable support services immediately.
  3. Ticket number should be obtained and provided to manager or designee for follow up.
  4. Event should be reported to manager or charge nurse immediately.
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