Course Work

Nurse Triage Training Guide

Part 2 - Course Work

Scheduling in Office Practicum

  1. Open Parallels from your desktop
  2. Open Dr. Levy’s office - Child and Teen Wellness and Login
    • Select Schedule
    • Schedule Sick Visit for the following morning at 1030am for Mary Test who has a cough
    • Screenshot the appointment and email it to
    • Cancel Visit
    • Log out

  1. Open Virginia Pediatric Group and Login
    • Open Patient Chart for Mary Test
    • Verify demographic information for the person in #1 slot - name and email address
    • Schedule a virtual visit for the following day (choose an open orange visit) 
      1. Remember to select office view and choose a different location if needed to find availability
  2. Screenshot visit and email to
  3. Cancel Visit
  4. Log out

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