Course Work

Nurse Triage Training Guide

Part 2 - Course Work

Scheduling in Office Practicum

  1. Open Parallels from your desktop
  2. Open Dr. Levy’s office - Child and Teen Wellness and Login
    • Select Schedule
    • Schedule Sick Visit for the following morning at 1030am for Mary Test who has a cough
    • Screenshot the appointment and email it to Emily
    • Cancel Visit
    • Log out

  1. Open Virginia Pediatric Group and Login
    • Open Patient Chart for Mary Test
    • Verify demographic information for the person in #1 slot - name and email address
    • Schedule a virtual visit for the following day (choose an open orange visit) 
      1. Remember to select office view and choose a different location if needed to find availability
  2. Screenshot visit and email to Emily
  3. Cancel Visit
  4. Log out

Scheduling in NextGen Health Fusion

  1. Log into the Pediatric and Adolescent Center at Grand Prairie
  2. Select Practice Management > Schedule > Day View
  3. Schedule a Nurse Triage Appointment for the following day (avoid yellow blocks or red times)
  4. Document Reason - Nurse Triage/Chief complaint
  5. Save
  6. Screenshot the appointment and email it to Emily
  7. Cancel Visit
  8. Log out
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