Medication Refills

SCOPE: Anytime Pediatrics, Triage Nurse, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant

PURPOSE: To provide safe and appropriate medication refill authorization or denial to current patients of the clinic/facility excluding controlled substances.

POLICY: All authorized medication refills or standing orders or denials by the medical assistant and/or registered nurse will be decided based on the policy and procedure of the clinic approved by their medical director and in coordination with the law of the state where the facility is located.


  1. Medication refill request and/or standing orders will only be granted if criteria is met per the facilities policy.
  2. The refill and/or standing order authorization or denial shall be documented in the phone encounter of the patient within Anytime Pediatrics.
  3. Documentation shall include:
    1. Date and time
    2. Medication refill or standing order granted or denied
    3. Authorized dose and amount
    4. Patient instructions
    5. Ordering practitioner
  4. Denials of medication refills or standing orders may be made for any of the following reasons: 
    1. Medication is not an approved medication for refills or standing orders
    2. Patient’s symptoms do not correlate with reasons that line up with standing order authorization.
  5.  Patients shall be informed if medication is eligible for a refill r standing order and verify appropriate pharmacy with patient
  6. If the medication is denied for refill or unable to send standing order, instruct patient on reason, and assist with scheduling (if applicable) or follow up with PCP as outlined per clinic’s policy.
  7.  The provider may also directly authorize or deny a nurse to refill a medication. If authorization is received from the provider, the nurse must receive a verbal order via telephone call and repeat the order back to the physician for confirmation. Orders sent via text messages are not acceptable.


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