Health Literacy

SCOPE: Anytime Pediatrics, Registered Nurse, Triage Nurse, RN

PURPOSE: Anytime Pediatrics recognizes the relationship of health literacy and optimal outcomes. Anytime Pediatrics’ services are limited to brief encounters in the continuum of care. Therefore, mechanisms must be incorporated into practice to promote understanding of situations and subsequent care advice.


Anytime Pediatrics utilizes decision support tools that guide triage process and care advice.

Triage Nurse Responsibility:

  • Utilize laymen’s terms when speaking with the patient or caller.
  • Use teach – back methodology to gauge understanding of communication including recommendation and advice provided.
  • Utilize the EHR for identifiers of learning preference and potential deficits that may result in an inability or difficulty in the caller’s ability to understand situation or recommendations as applicable.
  • Utilize the handouts in Clear Triage for chosen decision support tool to distribute reading material to patient via email or text.
  • Escalate to provider or manager when applicable related to limitations in callers understanding of situation or direction.
  • Involve a family member if permission is granted by the patient in order to ensure an understanding of the situation and recommendations.

DEFINITIONS: Health Literacy: the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.


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