Health Education

SCOPE: Anytime Pediatrics, Registered Nurse, Triage Nurse, RN

PURPOSE: Anytime Pediatrics values the autonomy and self-efficacy of the consumer and patient. Education related to self-care or disease process management should be provided to caller as applicable to the reason for call as a triage standard of care during the initial triage. Because Anytime Pediatrics’ service involves brief patient encounters, for subsequent education needs; caller should be referred to establish provider or applicable resource.


  • Upon completion of triage assessment and determination of disposition, the nurse should provide care advice as indicated within the decision support tools applicable for reason for call.
  • The nurse may provide self-care education related to identified conditions or prescribed medications using approved evidence-based tools: 
    • Medscape
    • LactMed
    • Handouts in Clear Triage
  • The nurse may refer the caller to on-line or community resources for education.
  • The nurse should encourage the caller to engage with established provided for subsequent education needs.
  • The nurse will instruct the caller to call back for worsening symptoms or further questions prior to ending call. 
    • If a subsequent call is initiated by the consumer/patient, the call will originate through the same process. 
      • The nurse will evaluate whether a triage is needed or if the caller is only seeking additional information related to the original call. If triage is needed, the nurse will proceed accordingly creating a new encounter.
  • The consumer or patient will have health questions answered during the interaction negating need for more call back for further education.
  • If a voicemail is left by the caller, Anytime Pediatrics triage nurse will respond accordingly.

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