Decision Support Tools

SCOPE: Triage Nurse, RN, Registered Nurse

POLICY: Anytime Pediatrics provides triage services that are guided by decision support tools or protocols. The use of protocols by nurses who take patient calls and facilitate triage is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Accreditation Health Care Commission and the American Academy of Ambulatory Nurses.


  • Protocols are to be regarded as tools to support decision making.
  • Decision tools are accessible within Anytime Pediatrics Platform through Clear Triage, as well as hardcopy.
  • Decision support tools shall be used for every patient triage encounter for which an appropriate protocol exists.
  • Protocols are reviewed and approved by each provider Anytime Pediatrics takes triage calls for.
  • Future protocol updates will be reviewed and approved by Anytime Pediatric Leadership


  • In the event the nurse’s judgment conflicts with the protocol; the nurse should be guided by her/his judgment to advise higher level of care or disposition.         
    • The triage nurse is not permitted to lessen recommendation identified with use of decision support tools.

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