SCOPE: Anytime Pediatrics, All Contractors

POLICY: The attendance policy states that Anytime Pediatrics’ Contractors are expected to consistently and regularly report for work as scheduled and be on time. Unscheduled absences disrupt the smooth and efficient operation of the department and may result in disciplinary action up to and include termination of the contractor.


Failure to Clock: Contractors must clock in and out for each shift. The expectation is to clock in 15 minutes prior to the scheduled shift and stay 15 minutes after scheduled shift. If there is a problem recording a clock in or out, the contractor should email the Nurse Manager or appointed staff member immediately. Contractors who consistently fail to clock in or out may result in disciplinary action at the discretion of management.

Disciplinary action: Managers will proceed with disciplinary action when and as appropriate. 2 absences within a 1-year period will result in a verbal warning, 4 absences will result in a written warning, 6 absences will result in termination. 2 tardies will be considered 1 absence. No call no show can result in automatic termination at the manager’s discretion. Management will consider the full scope of the circumstances in determining disciplinary or other action taken in response to attendance concerns.

Notification Requirement: Contractors must notify their manager and/or charge nurse via phone call of an unscheduled absence, including late arrivals and early departures. When doing so, the general reason for the absence shall be provided. The Contractor is required to notify management of an unscheduled absence at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled shift or sooner when possible. Managers of each work unit are responsible for communicating specific notification requirements to contractors of their work unit. Notification does not constitute authorization of an absence.

Requesting time off: Contractor’s are required to request time off prior to the schedule being published every 4 weeks. If 4 weeks’ notice is not given to the manager by the contractor, the contractor is required to find coverage from other contractors. If the contractor is unable to find coverage and still needs to be removed for their scheduled shift, an occurrence will occur.


Occurrence: An unscheduled absence of the contractor who is not present for their scheduled shift and the time away from work has not been approved by the Supervisor in advance. Occurrences may occur due to a variety of reasons including illness and personal reasons. Unscheduled absences for personal reasons (tardiness, car trouble, late return from travel, early departure from work, leaving early for breaks or meal periods, late return from breaks/meal periods, etc.) are not paid.

Unauthorized Absence: An occurrence for which the employee has not been authorized.  

Tardiness: Late arrival to scheduled shift start or late return from break or meal period. Each contractor is expected to be on time to start each assigned work shift, and to return to work on time after breaks and meal periods. On time includes having ALL applications logged in and ready.

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