Accessing EMS

SCOPE: Triage Nurse, Registered Nurse, RN

POLICY: Patients have the right to be involved in all aspects of care. This includes acting on recommendations given during interaction with triage nurse. Patient will be expected to contact EMS on their own behalf.


  • Patients who believe they are experiencing a life-threatening situation will be instructed via prerecorded quality message disclaimer to hang up and call 911 immediately.
    • This will occur prior to Anytime Pediatrics staff’s access to call.
  • Patients who are identified during the call interview as experiencing a life-threatening emergency will be informed of such and instructed to hang up and call 911 immediately.
  • The triage nurse may initiate a return call to provide support prior to the arrival of EMS.

EXCEPTIONS: If the caller becomes unresponsive during the call or the nurse believes the caller is too ill to reliably call EMS; the nurse will activate EMS on the patient’s behalf providing information regarding assumed location to authorities.

DEFINITIONS: EMS-Emergency Medical Services

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