Non-Triage Encounters


Non-Triage Calls occur when you are unable to provide care advice to a caller and the instructions are to call back to the office when it reopens for assistance.

  • You will have two dispositions for these calls: your disposition per protocol and the non-triage disposition

  • Calls made to the On-call provider or pharmacy are not non-triage calls (exception: newborn notifications, hospital admission/discharge notifications)

***EXCEPTIONS: You don't not have to record the following calls in Anytime as a phone encounter

  • Caller left message and unable to reach after 2 attempts
  • Caller dialed the wrong number or called the wrong office
  • Caller is outside the office waiting for an appointment
  • Caller is returning a missed call to office (unless you are unable to see a message in the patient's chart that you can relay to the caller)
  • Caller is requesting a phone number, fax number, office hours, etc.

Examples of chief complaints and protocols that may include Non-Triage calls:

Medication Question Protocol

  • Any prescription refill request including ADHD medications
  • Prescription request for new medication (not a refill) and has not been prescribed 
  • Prescription concerns for providers who do not offer 2nd level triage for medications during after hours.

●     Prescription concerns that you can address (i.e., medication not at pharmacy and you can see instructions in chart and call to pharmacy or provider allows 2nd level triage for medications during after hours) are NOT non-triage calls.

  • Caller wants to use a complementary or alternative medicine for their child  (i.e., OTC supplement dosages)
  • Prior Authorization/Insurance

Information Only Protocol

  • Pre-operative non-urgent question about upcoming surgery or procedure AND triager can't answer question
  • Requesting regular office appointment or changes/cancellation to current appointment (including new patient requests)
  • Requesting referral to specialist
  • Caller requesting non urgent health information AND PCP's office is the best resource
  • Request for sick note, shot records, medical record, etc

PCP Call/No Triage Protocol

●     Notification of newborn birth - even though the pcp is contacted these calls are tagged as non-triage as a financial courtesy to the office (they are an exception to the rule)

  • Caller requesting routine or non-urgent lab result - if patient is symptomatic or requesting COVID test triage for symptoms

No Contact Call Protocol

  • Caller has already spoken with the PCP or another triager and has no further questions (triage if has further questions)
  • Non-urgent call redirected to PCP's office when it is open

●     Already left for the hospital/clinic - another exception to the rule. These are NOT Non-tirage calls - the triager should assess for emergent symptoms in which a caller should be advised to pull over and call 911

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