How to send an Instant Invite

Instant Invite

Instant Invite is the easiest way to get your patients into your telemedicine waiting room! Simply text or email a patient a link to begin a telemedicine visit by following the steps below.

  • To begin using the Instant Invite feature, begin by selecting the phone encounter button on your homepage.

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  • Select the name of the practice the patient is affiliated with.
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  • Enter the patient information and triage encounter details in the required fields.
  • Once you have finished entering your encounter details, select the Save and Send Instant Invite button.

  • Verify the phone number and email address, and send an Instant Invite to your patient by text message, email, or both.
    • Changing the phone number or email for an Instant Invite will NOT change the patient's email and phone number on their profile page.

  • Each instant invite visit will now have a visible invite code attached to that visit. 
    • The same invite code will be sent to patients via text or email
    • All Active Invite codes are visible on the platform, so if your patient ever calls looking for their instant invite code you can give it to them.


  • You can view active invite codes in any location where you can send an instant invite
    • Today’s Visits tab from your homepage
    • The Patient’s profile page. 
  • Invite codes are available for one hour and can only be used to complete one visit 
  • Codes cannot be shared across practices.


Patient Perspective

  • Instruct the patient to click on the instant invite link from the email or text message, the invite code will be automatically entered for them.
    • Each instant invite had two links. 
      • One will allow the patient to enter the waiting room using the Anytime App from their device
      • The second link will use the patient's web browser which will automatically access the web portal.
    • The patient will need to have access to a camera or microphone on their device to be able to have a virtual visit

Alternate workflow for patients - entering the active invite code

  • Instruct the patient to open a  web browser to enter the portal address which is, or to open the Anytime Pediatrics App on their device
  • The patient must click on the click here if you have an invite code button to enter the invite code. 

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