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This portion of training consists of self-guided videos and scenarios.

Part 1 will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Pay close attention to the videos as you will use this information to complete scenarios in Module 3 of Part 1. After completing Part 1 in its entirety you are finished with this portion of the training.

Part 1: Anytime Pediatrics Training 

Module 1: Anytime Videos

Module 2: Clear Triage Videos

Module 3: Complete Triage Scenarios in Anytime Pediatrics

Module 4: Damontek Videos

Module 5: Read over the Resource Guides, Tips for Success, Essential vs Non-essential Medications, and Non-Triage Encounters. 

Module 6: Policies and Procedures - Read all policies and procedures and complete the quiz. When ready, request the quiz from the Nurse Manager. 

Part 2: OP and NextGen Training 

Module 7: Office Practicum Videos

Module 8: NextGen Videos

Module 9: Complete OP and NextGen Scenarios 

*Stop here*

Part 3: Epic Training 

Module 10: AnMed 

Module 11:Wellstar

Module 12:Dayton

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