Boost Lingo

Boost Lingo is the Language Line Service for Non-English Speaking Callers 


Instructions for using Boost Lingo while on the phone with a patient: 


(415) 707-7108 


Please save it on a sticky note on your computer or somewhere you can easily access when needed. You will use your same PIN number. 


Everyone must use the new number and remember to select MUTE icon in Damontek before entering the pin number.  


Resources for Deaf Patients 

Most deaf patients have some type of communication device. Most will reach out to you with their machine prior to call. If not, you can dial 711 and provide the phone number the patient is calling from. The operator will let you know if the patient has a TTY (text-telephone) machine linked to that number and will call the patient for you through the machine.  


As a last resort, if patient has no TTY machine, Boostlingo can be used for this. 

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