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Pediatric Virtual Well Visits Webinar
Please click on the link below to view our latest Webinar about pediatric virtual well visits.  https://vimeo.com/415601865 ...
Transform Your Practice with Pediatric Telemedicine Webinar
Dr. Bradford successfully implemented virtual care and shares the impacts of telemedicine on revenue, efficiency and patient satisfaction.
 Mastering Pediatric Telemedicine with Dr. Masterman Webinar
Dr. Wendy Masterman has completed over 2,000 telemedicine. She shared experiences in providing virtual care for sick visits, chronic asthma, behavioral & mental health in this webinar.
 Webinar with Dr. Zilkha at Allied Physicians Group
Dr. Zilkha shares about how she started offering telemedicine. Learn about telemedicine experiences during flu season, along with tips and tricks developed over the years to provide high-quality care.
 Telemedicine & Pediatric Urgent Care
Dr. Anastasia Gentles and Dr. Mick Connors discuss how, why and what you can treat virtually in the pediatric urgent care setting.
 Pediatric Telemedicine: Getting Started
Learn how to get your entire office ready for telemedicine with workflows, billing, marketing and more.
 Pediatric Telemedicine 101 Webinar
Dr. Mick Connors and Dr. Anastasia Gentles discuss pediatric telemedicine best practices.
 Pediatric Telemedicine 201 Webinar
Pediatric telemedicine Case Studies, Payment Workflows & Patient Engagement are discussed by pediatric industry leaders.
 COVID-19 Webinar Series
Learn about the pediatric community response to COVID-19 from industry-leading pediatricians in these five webinar recordings.
Virtual Walk-In visits and On Demand Visits
Virtual Walk-In visits and On Demand Visits Webinar We recently held a webinar on preparing for back to school, flu season, and handling a second wave of COVID-19 by incorporating on-demand telehealth visits into your practice. Roger Hov...
Alleviating In Office Traffic with Telehealth
Live Interpreter & Spanish App Webinar
Practice Managers - Your Telemedicine Playbook
Help Patients Manage Anxiety & Depression via Telehealth
Patient Access for Well Care & Sick Visits
Watch the webinar featuring Dr. Mick Connors, Dr. Russell Libby, and Dr. Lewis Wasserman as they discuss virtual visits for sick and well care. ...
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