Pregnancy - Leaking Fluids

Leaking Fluids

* Did My Bag Of Waters Break? How To Tell: 

    - Does it feel like you are urinating on yourself but you can't stop the stream? If the answer is Yes, then your bag of waters has probably broken. 

    - If there is any doubt: Lay down for 15 minutes and then stand up. If fluid comes out of your vagina it is likely you broke your bag of waters. (Reason: upon laying down, amniotic fluid pools inside the vagina, then comes out upon standing.) Wear a sanitary pad to keep yourself dry. 

    - It is easy to confuse loss of urine from coughing or sneezing with amniotic fluid from membrane rupture. 


* Reasons To Call Back 

    - Leaking fluid from your vagina 

    - Any vaginal bleeding or spotting occurs 

    - Decreased movement of baby 

    - You become worse. 

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