*Fever under 3 months 

    - Rectal temperature above 100.4 OR axillary temperature above 99.4 is considered and emergency and should be sent to ER  


Normal Stools Formula-fed Infants 

     - Formula-fed babies pass 1 to 8 stools per day during the first week, then 1 to 4 per day until 2 months of age. Skipping 1 day occasionally is not abnormal, if the baby is receiving adequate formula and acting normal. 

    - The stools are usually yellow in color and peanut butter in consistency. Green stools are also normal (usually due to bile). 

    - After 2 months of age, most infants pass 1 or 2 stools per day (or 1 every other day) and they have a soft solid consistency. 


Normal Stools Breastfed Infants 

    - Number of Stools: The number of stools is the best marker for how much breastmilk the baby is getting. On DOL 2 and 3, the baby should pass 1 or 2 stools per day. By DOL 4 or 5, the baby should be passing 3 or more normal breastmilk stools per day. Once breast-feeding is established, babies normally pass 4 stools per day to 1 after each feeding during the first month of life. 

    - Between 4 and 8 weeks of age, some breastfed babies change to normal infrequent stools. 

    - They can pass 1 large soft stool every 4 to 7 days. 

    - Reason: complete absorption of the breastmilk. 

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