January 2021


Availability Pop Up

When you log in to your Anytime Pediatrics account on the web-based platform or the Anytime Clinician App, you will now receive a pop up that lets you easily adjust your availability status and notifications. This pop up also provides easy access to your camera and microphone settings.

Admin Mode is Now Front Desk Mode

Admin Mode is now called Front Desk Mode. You can now adjust Front Desk mode within your user settings as well as within your practice settings. All Admin and Clinician Super Users on the platform have access to enable or disable Front Desk Mode. 

Executive Admin Permissions 

Do you have multiple practices within your company? You can now make an Anytime Pediatrics user an executive admin that allows them to view the status of each practice’s waiting room within the company. Please email our customer support if you would like to enable this feature. 

Copy Visit Details

We have added a new feature to the visit summary that allows you to instantly copy the visit details. Select Copy to Clipboard to automatically copy the visit summary to your computer, so you can easily paste the information into your EMR software.

Re-Routing to a different Clinician

You can now reroute a visit to a different clinician. As long as the telemedicine visit is not initiated by the clinician it was originally routed to, the visit can be sent to a different clinician. 

Intra Company Routing

Do you have multiple practices within your company? You can now route a patient to a different practice that you are affiliated with intra company routing. Please email our support team if you would like to enable intra company routing. 

Phone Calling from the Web Browser

You can now call patients from the Anytime Pediatrics platform on a web browser. The call patient button will autofill the patient’s phone number from their AP patient chart, but can also be changed before dialing. Please tell your patients to be looking from a call from Anytime Pediatrics, 615-488-7272. Please note this number does not take incoming calls if your patient tries to call back. 


Android Bug Fixes

We have heard your feedback.  Several bugs have been fixed that caused crashes with android devices. If you or your patients are still experiencing issues, please let our support team know. 

Join Appointment 

The window for patients to enter your waiting room before a scheduled visit has been extended to 30 minutes.

Patient Log In settings

Patients can now edit their login information for their Anytime Pediatrics account. A patient can change this information on the web-based platform or their Anytime Pediatrics App. If you are an OP integrated practice, the patient email in Anytime Pediatrics must match family contact 1 in OP. We do not recommend patients changing their account information as that will result in duplicate appointments in Anytime. 

Practice Code Improvements

When new patients are self-registering with Anytime Pediatrics, they will now be prompted to call your office if they are searching for your practice, but do not have your practice code. 

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