How to enable your camera and microphone for the Anytime Pediatrics App

How to enable your Camera and Microphone on the Anytime Pediatrics Application

Are you unable to see or hear your patients during a telemedicine visit? Are they using the Anytime Pediatrics Application? If so, follow these steps to ensure their microphone and camera is enabled in their device settings.

  • Go to your settings by clicking on the gear icon

  • Scroll down to the Anytime Pediatrics App

  • Enable Camera and Microphone

  • If the App asks for permission for Camera and Microphone access, always click Allow

  • If the patient is experiencing connection issues, please reference our connectivity troubleshooting guide that provides tips and tricks for establishing a solid connection for their telemedicine visits. 

Please contact, or call our support line at 615-722-7201 for further assistance.

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