Breathing Difficulty

Breathing Difficulty  

Respiratory Distress (Breathing Difficulty): Estimation by Telephone 

  • Mild Respiratory Distress 

  • rapid respiratory rate (tachypnea)  

  • Mild wheezing and chest tightness may also be present.  

  • Urgency of referral varies 

  • Moderate Respiratory Distress 

  • labored breathing with some retractions and nasal flaring.  

  • If present, wheezing is now audible, tight and persistent (i.e. can hear over the telephone) 

  • Response: Go to ED Now by car 

  • Severe Respiratory Distress 

  • marked respiratory effort (struggling to breathe) and severe retractions.  

  • Cyanosis may occur.  

  • Breathing may stop (apnea).  

  • The other extreme is the slow, weak breathing (agonal breathing) that precedes apnea. 

  • Response to all of these: Call EMS 911 Now 

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