Breast Feeding Questions

Breast Feeding Questions  


Length/Frequency of Feedings  

    - Expect your baby to feed approximately every 1 1/2 to 3 hours for the first month (8 - 12 times/day). 

    - Your baby should feed on one side first and if she shows signs of continued hunger, offer your second breast. 

    - Most babies will feed on both breasts during the first week of life. 

    - Alternate which breast you start with at each feeding. 

    - Maximum time for feeding session: 15 minutes per breast and 30 minutes total. 

    - To keep your baby actively sucking the entire feeding session, hold the hand up in the air, rub the hand or tickle under the arm. If that doesn't work, feed your baby undressed wearing only a diaper. 


* Signs of Adequate Volume 

    - Day of life (DOL) 1 at least 1 wet diaper, DOL 2 at least 2 wet diapers, DOL 3 at least 3 wet diapers. 

    - By DOL 5, your baby should have 6 or more wet diapers/day (passing urine every 4 hours). 

    - From 1 week to 12 months of age, babies normally pass urine every 2 - 4 hours. Frequency depends on the amount of milk consumed. 

    - Lack of urination is not abnormal until 8 hours have passed without any urine. 

    - Super absorbent diapers can make it difficult to tell if your child has passed urine. To count a diaper as being wet, it should feel much heavier than a dry diaper. Another tip for detecting urine passage is to place a tissue or cotton ball in the diaper. 


* Supplemental Feedings 

    - Never routinely supplement with formula before 4 weeks old, it will interfere with establishing a good milk supply. 

    - You should be nursing your baby every 2 hours (start to start) for the first few week after birth. Reason: to get the colostrum and to establish a good milk supply. 

    - However, if your milk is not in on day 3-4 of life and your baby is very hungry, supplementation is medically indicated, give expressed breastmilk if available. If not available, use a cow's milk-based, iron fortified formula. 

    - MethodOffer 1 oz. (30ml) of expressed breastmilk or formula after every breastfeeding for 1 or 2 days. Some newborns may only take 1/2 oz. or 15 ml. 


Reasons To Call Back 

    - Your baby has trouble latching on with most feeds 

    - Your baby is not sucking and swallowing consistently or falls asleep at the breast 

    - Your baby acts hungry after most feeds (e.g., crying after feeds) 

    - Your baby starts to look or act abnormal 

    - Breastfeeding is painful 


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